The Menu


Spanish Garlic Soup


Chicken stock, garlic, diced ham, egg, parsley



Traditional Puerto Rican chicken soup with ham, chorizo and peas



Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, chives, shallots, basil in a Dijon mustard vinaigrette

Get Your Greens


Kale, spinach, green apple, almonds, dates, parmesan in a pomegranate-Champagne vinaigrette
•vegan option available

"Country" Breakfast


Biscuits with fresh sausage patties & country gravy

Small Plates

Garlic & Herb Bread


La Segunda Cuban bread, butter, shallots, garlic, lemon zest, Celtic sea salt, cracked black & Szechuan peppercorns, red pepper, Parmesan cheese, Manchego cheese, Thai basil

Glazed Carrots


Carrots glazed with maple syrup, miso and whole grain mustard, rice vinegar and Sriacha

Okra & Tomatoes


Okra, cherry tomatoes, garlic, green onions, rice vinegar, Celtic sea salt, cracked black pepper



Papaya chunks drizzled with fresh lime and a pinch of cayenne powder over a bed of shredded lettuce

Platanos Maduros


Ripe plantains sautéed in coconut oil served over coconut cream and sprinkled with toasted sesame

Yucca w/ Onion & Garlic


Yucca simmered with garlic and Spanish onions, accented with garlic, coconut vinegar and olive oil

Red Beans & Rice


Red beans simmered with housemade sofrito, served over organic Jasmine rice.
Add andouille sausage $4

Papas Fabulosos


Blue potatoes sautéed in duck fat with garlic, smoked paprika, Celtic sea salt, cracked black pepper and rosemary

Stuffed Plantains


Plantain stuffed with queso blanco and ground beef simmered in sofrito



Stuffed with ground grass-fed beef simmered in house made sofrito, garlic, onions and Spanish olives with side of house made chimichurri

Skillet Cornbread


Sweet and savory corn bread with jalapeños and pink peppercorns

Bacon Wrapped Dates


Medjool dates stuffed with blue cheese, wrapped in maple-cured bacon and oven broiled

Gumbo Z’Herbes


Greens-based Gumbo made with a cassava flour (gluten free) roux with veggie stock kale, collard greens, Swiss Chard, spinach, turnip greens, topped with organic Jasmine rice

Chicken Mole


Chicken breast simmered in Oaxacan mole, sprinkled with queso blanco, roasted pumpkin seeds and cilantro

Andouille-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin


Pan-seared and oven roasted pork tenderloin stuffed with andouille sausage, served over a Creole mustard sauce

Garlic Shrimp


Jumbo Gulf shrimp sautéed in organic olive oil with garlic, onions, red chili flakes and Sherry



Shrimp, Gulf fish and calamari marinated in fresh lime juice, cilantro, chili and chopped onions alongside sweet potatoes and roasted Incan corn

Charcuterie Board

Sm $25 / Lg $50

An assortment of meats, pates, jams, cheeses, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, crackers, bread and herbs



Potato bacon, vegan mayo, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, avocado (when available)

Blackened Shrimp Po' Boy


Gulf Shrimp, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise on fresh Cuban bread from La Segunda Bakery
•vegan option - blackened tofu $10.00

Bread Pudding


Bread Pudding with raisins and tropical fruit, drizzled with raw Martinique cane syrup whisky & rum sauce.

Watermelon Slushy


Watermelon, lemon, lime, agave nectar, Thai Basil

Strawberry Shortcake


Fresh baked buttermilk biscuits topped with Plant City strawberries and fresh whipped cream

Sweet Potato Casserole


Sweet potatoes, vegan butter, orange zest, cinnamon; nutmeg, allspice, cayenne, vegan marshmallows



Coca cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta, Nectar Soda, Salient Fizz



Green, Red, Black, Yellow, White Warm & Hot



Orange, Apple, Vegetable, Strawberry, Blackberry, Lime



Tap, Distilled, Reverse Osmosis

Gina Pinot Noir


Black cherry notes, light bodied

Guilty Pleasure Merlot


Medium to full bodied, premium taste

Classic California


You know it's good, just order it

Flawless Pinot Grigo


Fresh, medium bodied

Sauvignon Blanc


The perfect medium bodied white



Chardonnay with a little twist

Pacific Heights


A fun light tasty addition

Friday night out


Medium - full bodied mix

The Gavel


Earthy flavorsome notes

Petit Verdot


Once you try it, you'll never want anything else

Shiraz Dom


The drink to end your dinner with

Nectar's Choice


Ask your server for more details